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Placing a product in a cart without completing the purchase cycle does not:

  • constitute a booking; and/or
  • constitute an order for such product,

and as such, Charihandra Game Lodge may remove such product from the shopping basket or if product becomes unavailable and you cannot hold Charihandra Game Lodge liable if such product is not available when the purchase cycle is completed at a later stage.

A booking only comes into effect if and when:

  • you electronically submit a properly completed order for one or more products in your cart; and
  • deposit payment is either authorised, or received by Charihandra Game Lodge in its bank account

Termination of Bookings & Cancellation of Orders

  • Charihandra Game Lodge reserves the right, for purposes of preventing suspected fraud , to refuse to accept or process payment on any order, and/or to cancel any sale concluded between you and Charihandra Game Lodge, in whole or in part, on notice to you. Charihandra Game Lodge shall only be liable to refund monies already paid by you and accepts no other liability which may arise as a result of such refusal to process any order/sale.

Amounts Payable By You

  • Prices:

The price of each product is displayed with the product listing. In the event of a special offer, the discounted price is displayed.

  • Value Added Tax:

Value added tax at the rate of 14% is charged on goods bought by South African residents. VAT is not payable on orders if  the billing address is international.

  • Errors:

Charihandra Game Lodge shall take all reasonable efforts to accurately indicate prices. However, should products be erroneously offered at incorrect prices, Charihandra Game Lodge will not be obliged to sell products at such incorrect prices, but shall refund monies paid by you should you not wish to proceed with the purchase at the correct price and/or delivery charge.

Payment Methods

  • Credit card payments.

At the time of placing the order, the transaction details are presented to the bank via Secure Payment Gateway, Virtual Card Services (VCS) and payment is collected immediately. If bank’s authorisation is not obtained, the order will be cancelled.

Booking Records

A full record of every booking and related transaction between you and Charihandra Game Lodge shall be maintained on the Website for a period of 12 months following the date of such booking or related transaction. You shall thus only be able to request and print such record during such period, whereafter, you shall be responsible for retaining your own record of the relevant booking or related transaction.


Save for Charihandra Game Lodge being liable to you –

  • under the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (“CPA”) in relation to any products sold by Charihandra Game Lodge to you via the Website; and
  • under sections 43(5) and 43(6) of the ECT Act in relation to Charihandra Game Lodge payment systems not being sufficiently secure,

Neither Charihandra Game Lodge nor any of its agents or representatives shall be liable for any damage, loss or liability of whatsoever nature arising from the use or inability to use this Website or the services or content provided from and through this Website. Furthermore, Charihandra Game Lodge makes no representations or warranties, implied or otherwise, that, amongst others, the content and technology available from this Website are free from errors or omissions or that the service will be 100% uninterrupted and error free. You are encouraged to report any possible malfunctions and errors via Online Email.

The Charihandra Game Lodge Website itself is supplied on an “as is” basis and has not been compiled or supplied to meet your individual requirements. It is your sole responsibility to satisfy yourself prior to accepting these T&C that the service available from and through this Website will meet your individual requirements.

Information, ideas and opinions expressed on this Website should not be regarded as professional advice or the official opinion of Charihandra Game Lodge and you are encouraged to consult professional advice before taking any course of action related to information, ideas or opinions expressed on this Website.


Any person that delivers or attempts to deliver any damaging code to this Website or attempts to gain unauthorised access to any page on this Website shall be prosecuted and civil damages shall be claimed in the event that Charihandra Game Lodge suffers any damage or loss.

You agree and warrant that your log-in name and password shall:

  • be used for your personal use only; and
  • not be disclosed to any third party.

You allow Charihandra Game Lodge to take all reasonable steps to ensure the integrity and security of the Website and back-office applications.

All credit card transactions are managed by SSL payment system, Virtual Card Services (VCS) via Secure Servers and NO credit card transaction details are stored on Charihandra Game Lodge Website.

Changes to Agreement

Charihandra Game Lodge may, in its sole discretion, change these T&C or any part thereof at any time on notice to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with the amendments.  Should you not be satisfied with the amendments, you must refrain from placing any further orders on, or from using in any way, the Website.

Term and Termination

These T&C shall commence from the date on which they are published on the Website and continue indefinitely, as amended by Charihandra Game Lodge from time to time (as described above), for so long as the Website exists and is operational, Charihandra Game Lodge being entitled to terminate these T&C and/or shut down the Website at any time (subject to still processing any orders then already placed and accepted by Charihandra Game Lodge).


The ECT Act states that when goods or services are offered by way of certain electronic transactions, the seller thereof must make certain information about it available to customers on websites where the goods or services are offered.

Charihandra Game Lodge information is as follows:

Full name: Charihandra Game Lodge

Main business: Online retailer
Address for receipt of legal service:
Office bearers: Hansie Grobler (Owner)

Webmaster: Frogg Designs
Website: https://addogamelodge.co.za
Official email address: stay@addogamelodge.co.za

PROATIA: The manual published in terms of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act No 2 of 2000 may be downloaded from http://www.naspers.co.za
Code of Conduct: not applicable

Unavailable Stock

In the event that you place and order and pay for accommodation that is consequently not available, you will be entitled to a full refund for the monies paid.

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