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Friendly giraffe, Lucy at Addo Game Lodge

2015-10-15T13:18:22+02:00Oct 15th, 2014|

Friendly Giraffe, Lucy, at Addo Game Lodge. Lucy our giraffe is a total favorite with the little children and all the guests really fall in love with her. This little girl in the photo begged her mom and dad to return to SA at Addo Game Lodge(Charihandra) for a second time so that she could see [...]

Giraffe @ Charihandra Game Lodge

2016-10-18T14:41:12+02:00Nov 16th, 2011|

The first of 4 Giraffe arrived safely at Charihandra Game Lodge today and will be released from the holding Boma as soon as it shows signs of being comfortable at it's new home.

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